Using non-latin characters in "From Address" for an emailing

Using non-latin characters in "From Address" for an emailing

Summary This document explains hot to use non-latin characters in "From address"
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This is possible to display non-latin characters into the "From Address" during an emailing, but it requires a few steps.


Example: You want to have some japanese characters into the From Address field, like: ヤニック


1/ Translate this string into UTF-8.

There is a bunch of websites which allow you to do that. But this one makes the job:

Paste the non-latin characters string into the green text box and click on "Convert":

Go down to UTF-8 code units and copy the result:


2/ Fill the spaces

Open a notepad and paste the UTF-8 string (E3 83 A4 E3 83 8B E3 83 83 E3 82 AF).

Then, make a replace of " " with "="


You must get this new string: E3=83=A4=E3=83=8B=E3=83=83=E3=82=AF


3/ Add it in "From Address".

There is some specific rules to know about the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Email Extensions). Please refer to this article.

The mandatory form for the Encoded Word is: "=?charset?encoding?encoded text?=".

The constant part will always be like that:  =?UTF-8?Q?= and must always finish with a ?=

The final string to paste in "From Address" will be like that:

=?UTF-8?Q?=E3=83=A4=E3=83=8B=E3=83=83=E3=82=AF?= <your email address>




And email received will be like this:








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