AskiaFace Tablets: How to manually recover interview files

AskiaFace Tablets: How to manually recover interview files

Summary This article explains how to recover interviews files from Android/iOS devices
Applies to AskiaFace
Written for Survey writers, field managers
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Sometimes, you need to manually recover interviews files from a device using AskiaFace.

For both OS, the Askiaface folder structure is identical: folder named as your Cca server declared the first time, which contains subfolders where are stored the survey file, interviews and resources folder.


Interviews are XML files, named like "intvw_[seed].xml" when they are completed, and like "incpl_[seed].xml" when they are not completed.

These files can be imported directly into the survey (qes file or askiafield task):



With Android, these interviews are located in Internal Storage > Android > data > > files > [Your Connection name folder].




With iOS, the only way to retrieve these interviews is to plug your device on your computer and start iTunes. Then go to device properties > apps > Files sharing:


Select your server name folder and press "save to...". It will copy your server folder on the location of your choice.





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