5.4: Important things to know before switching to 5.4

5.4: Important things to know before switching to 5.4

Summary Switching to 5.4
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There is a few things to do before and right after an upgrade in 5.4.X in order to to have a smooth transition. First, Clean your Cca from unused surveys and lists (and Statistics if you're updating from a 5.3.3): Then, update suite to 5.4. Design 5.3 is not able to open a qex 5.4. Else, you will not able to open qex from supervisor with a design 5.3.

5.4.6 ADC MAP

The adc2-map has a back-compatibility issue when switching to 5.4.6. All ADC2-map must be updated the the "Map" adc, which can be found in the Suite default setup since



In 5.4.6, we have switch the Askiaext to UNICODE. There is a small side effects though with all running surveys, when upgrading from 5.4.4 to 5.4.6: for surveys containing characters with accents are not correctly handled.

A survey update sort this out quickly. But to update many surveys at once, you need to use an Askiaext command to force the update. 

You can either force a reload for one specific survey like this:
Or for all surveys like this:


First thing to do before installing the Cca is to install the Package Manager service 5.4 (you can find it on the relevant version download page on Starting 5.4, Cca is no longer involved in update service. During the setup, just link it to the existing Packages folder you already have on the cca (should be set on D:\Askiafield\Packages\)


QES files are no longer generated into the working directory when adding a survey on Cca/Supervisor. If you need it because you have AskiaVista plugged on the same QES folder than your Cca, then you need to activate the Cca settings > Tasks > Surveys >Maintain qes file in working directory.




Restrictions must be reviewed one by one as they have changed a lot. See specific article here.



 Use a seperate API socket for the Design Survey Service Connection. The DSS needs to use a socket with a timeout limited at 1 minute. The minimum session timeout is set to 1 minute. It means you cannot reconnect, with your iOS or Android app in less than 1 minute. Else you will get a "login refused by field" warning message on your device.


The port use in web.config file in SurveyService3 folder (on web server side) should be changed accordingly manually or through a re-run of the setup. For a manual change, open the web.config an go to the ApplicationSettings > FieldPort setting, an change the value to 1980.


And, trough the setup, on Cca connection page:




Previous 5.3 settings "Use uncompleted data for quota" (in define quota dialog)

was replaced by "only included an appointment in quota when importance >"



So if it was checked on a survey in 5.3.X, you will need to check the new setting in 5.4. Else you lose the original setting.



We have added the "ID" column in almost all supervisor windows. But you must select it to display it. Right click on the header of the window wanted > select the "ID"field:

That will display the ID of the object. 


This is available in these views:

  • Tasks
  • Sample Lists
  • Agent
  • Reports
  • Restrictions
  • Skills
  • Web rooms
  • Email Boxes
  • Inbound numbers
  • Projects
  • Routes


SSL Errors in CCALog / VCREDIST_2013(X86 & X64)

If you start seeing any SSL errors in the CCALog after a 5.3.5 to 5.4.4 upgrade, make sure the server has VCREDIST_2013 (both X86 & X64) installed.

Specifically "vc2013b".

For now, the SSL DLL libraries are still built using VS2013. In the future, these will be built using VS2015. Unfortunately, the VCREDIST_2013 isn't a prerequisite during the current 5.4.4 installation, so you'll need to install it manually.

You can find the installers here:


For versions 5.4.4 and above

Here a document to read carefully before installing any 5.4.4+ cca version.



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