Setup up a Sound Broadcast in CATI mode


What do you need to setup a broadcast sound on Cati survey?

1/ you need a CTArchitect.

2/ you need a "play sound module" licence activated on the Ctarchitect. You can check this on supervisor side, in "About Cca" dialog window:


3/ your sound file must have these properties:

  • Fichier .wav
  • PCM unsigned 8 bit
  • 8 000 Hz
  • mono


How to setup a broadcast sound on Cati survey?


It starts with Design. On a chapter question, in screen mode, right click on the long caption > Insert Control > Insert a sound broadcast control.

It will create a control, with play and pause buttons. Open the properties of this control and set the name of the file you want to use (with extension):


No need to add this file as resource into the qex. You only need to put  this file at the root of the working directory of the survey. Please be aware that CTArchitect needs an access to this file, so keep in mind to use a network drive or an UNC path when you declare the working directory of the survey.

And, obvioulsy, you need to set the dialing method for this survey on Progressive or predictive.


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