Kiosque Mode

Kiosque Mode

Summary This article shows the use of the 'kiosque mode' in AskiaFace for IOS and Android
Applies to AskiaFace
Written for Survey writers, field managers
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The Kiosque Mode is available with version 3.2.0 of the askiaface application. It allows you to handle self-administered survey.


First, you need to add two specific settings into an existing connection: the password for Kiosque Mode and the timeout for refreshing a new interview. You can find them at them at the bottom of your askiafield connection settings:



In the main interface, on the left sidebar, you will find the autosync option which allows you to set a time of the day to synchronize interviews and get survey updates.



When activating it, you will have to set the time of the day when the daily synchronization must happen:


Once done, you need to activate the Kiosque Daily Sync by pressing the Clock icon or set the cursor to "on" (depending on whether the toolbar is expanded or not). At each synchronization, the device will send interviews to Cca and get survey updates (if any).

 To set your survey in Kiosque Mode you only need to expand the survey view and click on the "Kiosque" icon :


The "startup survey" allows you to launch a survey in kiosque mode when the application starts.


The survey will then open in full screen, with no tool bar on left side, and with "Kiosque Mode" in upper ribbon:


At the end of each interview, a new interview will be generated.

If you have an abandoned interview, after the inactivity timeout set in server settings, the current interview will be scratched and a new one will be generated. If your survey is using multimedia files (video or audio), please note that you will need to set the timeout according to the duration of your longest multimedia file. If your video lasts 3 minutes, then set the timeout to 4 minutes.


To exit Kiosque Mode, you need to click on "Done" (or on the "bin" icon on Android) on the upper ribbon and enter the password you previously set in server settings.




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