AskiaFaceDescription feature

AskiaFaceDescription feature

Summary This article describes how to use the AskiaFaceDescription feature
Applies to askiaface tables and windows
Written for field managers
Keywords AskiafaceDescription, face, Ipad, Android, windows, customized file name


With Askiaface Windows (5.3.3 and higher versions) and tablets (3.1.0 and higher versions), you have the ability to customize the name of an interview displayed in modify interview section.

In order to achieve this, you need to create, in Design, a visible open ended question with the exact shortcut name "AskiaFaceDescription":


Then, during dataentry, enter the name you want in the selected question:



Finally, on Modify interview, you're able to see the customised file names (with "incpl_" prefix in case of incomplete interview):


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