CTArchitect integration in a new telephony environment

CTArchitect integration in a new telephony environment

Summary This document is directly based upon MyForce's SIP validation template. This trimmed down version will enlist the same steps. 
Applies to ctarchitect
Written for IT
Keywords CTArchitect; SIP ; Gateway ; servers ; telephony 


Our telephony partners, MyForce, do provide a telephony environment validation service.
However, if your IT teams wish to configure a new environment, here is a checklist for them to make sure that CTArchitect is correctly hooked up to your system.


SIP validation

  1. Verify SIP registration. In case SIP registration is used instead of trusting. This can be done in CTArchitect by checking the IP Registrations Window.

    Note: it can take a few minutes before this registration shows up as successful.
  2. Make test calls using the following codecs G711A and G729 (optional, if the compression option has been purchased)
  3. CLI masking.
    1. Check whether calls can be made without providing a CLI.
    2. Try to make a call and provide a CLI that lies outside the range of the SIP trunk. 
  4. Check whether calls over 30 minutes are possible. Some SIP trunk providers and gateways are configured by default to cut calls over 30 minutes.
  5. Check basic voice quality. Is the voice clear and latency reasonable enough to do have a conversation?
  6. Set up an international call.
  7. Outbound disconnect causes.
    It is important for CTArchitect that disconnect causes are given by out-of-band disconnect codes and that these codes are received within reasonable time. This is especially important when using the CTArchitect as an outbound dialer. This is checked by taking wireshark traces and looking at the SIP packets directly.
    1. Busy disconnect cause
    2. Unused number
    3. Incomplete number (too short)
    4. A number that is too long
  8. DTMF tones. Are DTMF tones sent correctly and received on CTArchitect? This is done by simply listening whether DTMF tones are received on the phone.
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