DOC: New Askiafield importation keywords

DOC: New Askiafield importation keywords

Summary This article describes a feature added in version 5.3.5
Applies to askiadesign ; askiafield ; askiaweb
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords CAWI ; CATI; CCA ; 5.3.5

Documentation Note: add in the design documentation here:

Some new askiafield constant importations have been implemented in 5.3.5. These new fields are imported as Askia Panel fields and contains various information about survey and list(s). There are mainly used for Cati. There is no need to create these fields into the Sample list. Be careful as it’s case sensitive.


Here the full list of availables keywords:

Object Importation
Agent name ccaAgent
Agent ID ccaAgentId
Call Count ccaCallCount
Call Id ccaCallId
Ask Interview ccaContactId
Email ccaEmail
External Unique Id ccaExternalUniqueId
Keep Incompletes ccaKeepIncompletes
Last Call ccaLastCall
Last Call Result ccaLastCallResult
Last Call SubResult ccaLastCallSubResult
Last Call Time ccaLastCallTime
Lis tId ccaListId
Phone ccaPhone
Survey ID ccaTaskId
Task Type ccaTaskType (Unknown=-1, Survey=0, VBScript=1, CTScript=2)
Time Zone Id ccaTimeZoneId
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