Chrome and Silverlight

Chrome and Silverlight


Since a few days, Chrome blocked by default Silverlight, the main component used by Kodim. Basically, Chrome prompt for an installation of Silverlight, even if it's already installed on your machine. And Installing it again doesn't solve it. And Silverlight is no longer part of the plugin list.

Obviously you can continue to use it with IE, Firefox or Safari. But if you want to continue to use Chrome with Kodim, you need to set Silverlight manually in Chrome. Please note that's a temporary solution (Chrome will completly deactivate the NPAPI interface in July 2015)

1/ open a chrome window.

2/ In the address bar, type: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and press enter.

3/ Enable this option:

4/ Restart Chrome.


Silverlight should be able to work now on chrome.

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