💡 Multi-mode surveys

💡 Multi-mode surveys



This article describes a new feature introduced in CCA 5.3.5 : Partial multi-mode surveys.
From this version on, it is indeed possible to start an interview in Web, and then resume it in CATI. This is useful to reach out to respondent who left off the surveys before completion.

Let’s guess you start a survey in web panel. After a certain time of fieldwork, you will need to switch contacts to Cati to recall all those which didn’t have answered yet (or finished) their survey on line. Starting from 5.3.5, if your survey keeps incompletes interview and if you have a single list from web and cati (so with Phone and email fields filled), you can do it in 3 ways:

  1. Manually from "Find/Edit contacts"
  2. Manually from the list
  3. Automatically via scheduled tasks


  • CCA 5.3.5 and above
  • "Keep incomplete interviews" parameter ticked on
  • Email + phone numbers of the respondents are present in a single sample list.

Method 1: Manually from Find/edit contact

From the Find / Edit contact dialog, select the contact(s) you want > right click > Web > Switch contacts from web to telephony. Instantly, the mode for the contact will be set from Web to Telephony, and the contact will be available on Cati side

When the contact will be sent to a Cati agent, the interview will be resumed at the last question filled by the web respondent. A warning will be displayed on Agent side to inform him that’s a web contact switched to Cati.

Method 2: Manually from the list.

You have the ability to switch contacts after a certain date, directly from the contextual menu from the list itself.

A new dialog appears where you need to fill:

  • The time since the last web activity for the contacts you want to switch
  • The two possible types of contact you want to switch (mailed without reply / interview started but abandoned).

Method 3:  Automatically via scheduled tasks

On the schedule properties on list, the “Switch contacts from web to telephony” has been added at the bottom of the task tab, with the same options as above.

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