Autosave feature for Windows

Autosave feature for Windows

Summary This article describes how the autosave feature is implemented in AskiaFace windows
Applies to askiaface windows
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Starting with version of Askiaface for windows, we have implemented an autosave feature which allows you to recover data for an interview in progress in case of problem (power cut, OS or application crash, etc).

How it works:

With the AskiaFace-Setup v5.3.3.1023.exe, a new installtion or an update will create a new reg key (DWORD) into the registry of the machine: IsAutosaveInterview. The key is created into HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peter Holmes\AskiaFace\Settings, among all other AskiaFace settings.

By default, we set the value 1 (yes).


Autosave has the following behaviour:

Unlike previous versions, each time you click navigate the interview will be stored in its regular place.

If you are on an interview you have just started (and haven't saved yet), if a problem happens, the interview is automatically saved and available when restarting AskiaFace.

If you continue an existing interview, a backup of the interview will be created (at the root of Askiaface\interviews\[SurveyID].qex folder, when you restart the interview:

This bak file is automatically deleted when the interview ends in normal condition. 

After a problem, if AskiaFace starts up and/or when you change the active survey, AskiaFace will look for interview backups. If it find one, it will ask if you want to keep the backup (created when the interview was continued), or the autosave (created at the last navigation action).







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