AskiaIntro / AskiaOutro

AskiaIntro / AskiaOutro

Summary This articles describes one feature of the 5.3.4 version of CCA.
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  • CCA 5.3.4 only
  • CATI Web screens activated on the survey.
  • Incomplete interviews must be saved for surveys that use this feature

"Disposition code", or "Callback result" are the terms used to refer to how the agent codes a phone call result.
Example : "Answering Machine", "Hard Refusal", "Language barrier", "Technical issue"...

Please download the example questionnaire here

AskiaIntro / AskiaOutro


AskiaIntro was designed to be a question asked at the beginning of the phone call. So, if the interview is conducted over multiple phone calls, the AskiaIntro section will show more than once.
A typical use case for such a feature is for safety questions.
Q0_intro : Are you currently driving ?

The interview can be closed logically after a "Yes" answer to this question.

This feature is used by :

  1. Creating a new chapter in the questionnaire structure, named "AskiaIntro".
  2. Then, all questions that should be asked as a call introduction section shall be structurally nested under the AskiaIntro chapter
  3. All questions that should be asked in the AskiaIntro section shall be merged into one single screen


AskiaOutro is also a questionnaire section whose purpose is to allow conditional disposition codes in CATI. Instead of the classic list of disposition codes, the questionnaire will show a web screen to the agent. This is highly customizable (with routings, .adc controls, Javascript) and allows to tweak the disposition codes list displayed to the agent .

Video of the CATI station without an AskiaOutro section:

Video of the CATI station with an AskiaOutro section :

As shown in the video, conditional logic can be used to automatically adapt the Outro section to custom situations.

Other Use cases  : After a series of questions, the respondent hangs up unexpectedly. On their side, the agent closes the questionnaire to move on to a new respondent. 

With AskiaOutro, the list of disposition codes that is prompted to the agent to dispose their call can be conditionaly stripped from the "Answering machine", "Wrong Number" disposition codes, which become irrelevant after the respondent has actually picked up their phone.

Use AskiaOutro :
In the same fashion as AskiaIntro, AskiaOutro should be 1 screen.
It should should be placed at the end of the questionnaire. Even when set to "invisible", the chapter will be displayed upon manually closing the interview.
When "visible", it will also be displayed at the end of the questionnaire.

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