Set up a multi-mode survey prior to CCA 5.3.5

Set up a multi-mode survey prior to CCA 5.3.5

Summary This article describes how to setup a multi-mode survey
Applies to askiadesign ; askiafield ; askiaweb
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords multi mode ; CATI ; CAWI ; AskiaIntro ; AskiaOutro

Download the example qex file


The following survey is an example of how to conduct a multi-mode survey with AskiaDesign and AskiaField.
The idea of a multi-mode survey is that respondents can either be reached by phone interviewers, or complete the survey by themselves online.
Here are the 5 different scenari that need to be possible for a survey to be truly multi-modal. 

  1. The respondent's email address is known
    • The respondent completes the whole survey online on their own
    • The respondent stops at some point. An agent has a phone number to reach the respondent and can resume the survey on the phone and pick up where the respondent left off.
  2. The respondent's phone number is known
    • The agent calls the respondent and goes through the whole survey in one single phone call.
    • The agent calls the respondent and stops mid-survey. The agent need to be able to reach the respondent according to a custom set of callback rules and pick up the survey where it was left off during the next phone call.
    • The respondent provides an email address and is sent an invitation link that can be used to finish the survey.

Pre-requisites : 

  • CATI and CAWI licenses
  • CCA, AskiaDesign version 5.3.3
  • SMTP server configured on the CCA
  • CATI stations need to either be on the same LAN than the CCA, or have an internet access.
  • Optional : To use the AskiaIntro and AskiaOutro features, which are helpful for the agent, CCA 5.3.4 and above is required.

The key point that makes this possible is the fact that the CATI software can emulate a Web browser, in which the web interview can be taken by the agent.

If the unique ID parameters of this web interview (Broker + BrokerPanelID) are then either shared on the phone, or sent by email to the respondent, they will then be able to resume the webinterview right where the agent left off.

Initial setup :

start in CAWI, finish in CAWI :

Simply set the questionnaire online on a Webprod to allow this. DoExternalPanel links will be shared in a multimode survey.

start in CATI, finish in CATI :

Upload the survey and attach agents to it.

start in CAWI, finish in CATI :

The important point to allow starting a survey in CAWI and resuming in CATI is that the sample list that is dialled by the agents needs to be updated with information from the Web interview. While CCA 5.3.5 integrates such a module, it is not available in prior versions.
Therefore, the sample list will be created by using an external database that the web-based interview will be able to update with a "Completed" status.
In the example .qex, the SQL query is only executed when "interview_mode" has the value "Online", ie when the survey is being taken in CAWI.

This database then needs to be regularly checked by the telephony sample list to make sure not to call anyone who has already completed their interview online. This will be achieved by a periodical data refresh.

start in CATI, finish in CAWI: 

In CCA :

Create a custom disposition code that will be used by the agent in the case when the respondent wishes to continue or finish online. Make sure to associate a long enough call-back time to this disposition code, so that the respondent is not called too early.

In the questionnaire :

  1. Turn on the Web screens for CATI/CAPI in the .qex. This will allow to perform the switch from CATI to CAWI in the middle of a survey.
  2. Configure the Intro and Outro screens. These screens are designed to be shown to the CATI agent only.
    • AskiaIntro

      CCA 5.3.4 : Use the "AskiaIntro" keyword as a shortcut for a chapter at the beginning of the questionnaire so that it is shown to the CATI agent at the beginning of each call.
      In the AskiaIntro screen, we then include a DoExternalPanel link and remove the navigation buttons to force the agent to click the link, and effectively switch from a CATI interview to a CAWI interview with resume capabilities. 
      To disable the CAWI navigation, paste this code into the "Cell properties" box of the Next button on the AskiaIntro screen :
       id="cmdNext" style="display:none;"

      Now, configure the "Start survey" link : It is a regular "DoExternalPanel" link with 2 extra parameters that I named "jump" and "interview_mode". 
      <a class="link" href = "">Start Survey</a> 
      The "Broker" and "BrokerPanelId" parameters are set to the imported values from the sample list ( ??Panel_ID_CATI?? and ??Respondent_unique_ID_CATI?? )
      Jump = 1 is used so that both the agent or the interviewee are not asked the "AskiaIntro" section after clicking the link.
      Interview_mode = 1 is used on the link clicked by the agent, but Interview_mode = 2 is sent to the online respondent. This way, the mode is collected in the data.

      CCA 5.3.3 : Make sure that the intro screen is the first that the agents can see, and that that they cannot go through. This way, upon calling a respondent back, they will have to click the link.

      Explanation : Upon clicking this hypertext link, the agent pauses the CATI interview and switches to a Web-based interview. The link is saved so it can be re-used by the respondent to finish their interview online if they wish to do so.

    • AskiaOutro

      Use the "AskiaOutro" as a chapter shortcut keyword so that this chapter is displayed in CATI when the agent hits the "Close survey" button. In our case, we will use this feature to send an email to the respondent if the interview is not completed yet. 

      Explanation : When the Web-based interview is finished, the CATI-based interview still "lives", meaning that the AskiaClient won't close right away at the end of the interview. Therefore, an "Interview completed" button is added in this section to allow the agent to notify that the interview is completed. The system won't call this respondent back.

      As shown in the attached .qex, two "go to and mark as incomplete" will be used on this screen for the 2 options that need to allow the survey to continue. The custom disposition code is used for the "Interviewee would like to finish online" option.
      A "go to end" routing will be used after the "Interview completed" answer.
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