Set up an expired portfolio page for Vista6 portfolios

Set up an expired portfolio page for Vista6 portfolios

Summary This document describes how to set up a custom expiration page for portfolios
Applies to AskiaVista6
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Vista 6 portfolio link management allows you to create portfolios with many new features such as Expiry date, Filter management, custom URLs…

Vista6 -> View -> Portfolio links

When your portfolio expires you will get a page like this:

Once a portfolio has expired, it returns the error code 410 and, using this, you can create a custom HTML page for all your expired portfolios.

First, you will need to create a simple HTML page with the custom message for expired portfolios.

<!doctype html>
    <h1>The portfolio has expired</h1>

The portfolio has expired

1. Assign your custom 410.html page to the .Net Error Pages in IIS ManagementOnce you have done that, there are 2 ways to customise this page:

a. Go to AskiaVistaReader.Net4/Portfolio and double click in .NET

b. Double click on the .NET Error Pages and add your custom page for the Code 410.

2. Update the file web.config in the AskiaVistaReader.Net4 folder to point to the html page by adding the below snippet below:

<customErrors mode="On">
  <error statusCode="410" redirect="~/Portfolio/410.html"  /h1>
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