Web Simulation in 5.3.5 and Above

Web Simulation in 5.3.5 and Above


Web simulation is integrated in AskiaExt 5.3.5. and above. Here's how it works:

- You need the WebSimulator.js, as before ... but the setup installs this.

- If you add &Simulate=1 to the link, the current interview will be filled in automatically. There's no automatic redirect at the end of the interview.

- If you add &Simulate=2, there will be an automatic loop ONLY if it's a StartSurvey or DoExternalPanel link

  •  In case of Simulate=2 and StartSurvey link, the simulation will continue indefinitely
  •  In case of Simulate=2 and DoExternalPanel, AND BrokerPanelId is a valid number, the simulation will generate interviews with different broker panel ID's, counting DOWN until 1. For example: [...]Action=DoExternalPanel&SurveyName=MySurvey&Simulate=2&Broker=test&BrokerPanelId=3   Will generate 3 interviews, with broker panel ID 3, 2, and 1.

- For Simulate=2, the looping will continue as long as the interviews end with the regular final page, out of quota, or screen out. In case of an error, or an already completed page, etc ... the simulation will stop. If Simulate=1 I only add the extra header. If Simulate=2 I add the extra header, and replace the final page.

The final page itself depends on the current survey (StartSurvey/DoExternalPanel) That's also the reason the simulation stops in case of a problem: you don't reach the final page - just like for a normal interview - so there's no redirect.


Simulator limitation: it doesn't work with ADC / ADP

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