DOC : Multivariate Analysis and Lexicometry User Guide (5.3.3.X)

DOC : Multivariate Analysis and Lexicometry User Guide (5.3.3.X)

Summary This document provides detailed examples and explanations of how to use the broad range of features in Analyse 5.3.3.X that come under the headings of Multivariate Analysis and Lexicometry (a method used in linguistics and statistics to measure the frequency with which words occur in text).
Applies to Askia Analyse.
Written for Data Processors, Analysts, Researchers, Statistical Analysts.
Keywords Multivariate Analysis, Lexicometry, Word Clouds, Dictionary, Created Variable, Principal Component Analyse, PCA, Typology, Specificities, Linear regression, Correlation Matrix, Eigenvalues, Eigen, Axis Correlation, Coordinates, active, inactive, Cluster Analysis, k-means, Partition, Mean, Prototype, Barycentres, Euclidian, Inertia, Huygens theory, Intra Group Variance, Descriptive, To Explain, Sigma, Chi², Corpus, Form, Repeated segment, Frequency, Lemma, Hapax, Vocabulary.

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To access the 5.3.3.X Multivariate Analysis and Lexicometry User Guide, click here.

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