Customize the askiavista 5.x interface

Customize the askiavista 5.x interface

Summary This article describes how to customize the askiavista 5.x interface.
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Table of contents:

I. Customizable areas of the interface

This PDF document illustrates the zones and areas of the application which you can customise.

Modifications of these zones are to be achieved in strict observance of the here below specifications & limitations concerning file(s) and/or which part of file(s) can be modified.

II. PagesEdit

1. Authentificate.aspx

Under no circumstance is this page's AJAX and JavaScript code as well as the HTML elements' IDs to be modified or tampered with.

We recommend that style changes be made directly in the CSS file, located in \Styles\CSS\Authentificate.css, as this style sheet is dedicated to Authentificate.aspx.

2 ApplicationUnavailable.htm

This page is fully customizable.

3. PageError.htm

This page is fully customizable.

4. PageSplash.htm

This page contains code for dynamic rendering, it must therefore be modified with caution.

The following keywords and/or functions contained in this page should not be tampered with and are to be maintained:


Furthermore, the following tags are to be left unmodified:


Overall, we recommend that this page's customization be limited to the following image file: \Styles\Images\splash.png

III. Images

The following image files can be replaced:


IV. Style sheets

The following CSS files can be modified, with the express limitation that changes made to the classes entitled SelectionTab, TransFade1 through to TransFade6 are to be limited to their appearance in terms of color codes (this excludes change of Font or Size).


V. Text

The default EULA text contained in the following file can be modified:


VI. System files

We are open to authorize, on case per case basis, the customization of a crucial system file: askia.config.

Such customizations could aim to change the type, style or occurrence of askiavista's error messages.

Please contact to obtain a written authorization before proceeding with any changes.

VII. Disclaimer

Except when specifically authorized in the above points, askiavista's components and system files, such as .DLL, .EXE, .JS and .ASPX files, are not to be modified or tampered with.
Any change or modification made on askiavista which is not covered and authorized in the above points, whether these pertain to the application's system files, database and/or components, can lead to display problems and/or even application reliability & stability issues.
By undertaking such unauthorized changes the client forfeits his or her right to obtain technical assistance on askiavista from Askia's support team.

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