Common askiavista error messages

Common askiavista error messages

Summary This article describes some frequently asked questions related to askiavista errors.
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Below, some frequently asked questions related to askiavista errors:

I added new questions to my survey and now I get -1019,-1020,-1024 errors

-1019/20/24 errors generally mean there is missing response data for a question in Rows, Columns or Edges. In most cases, there are two common ways this can occur:

The QES file is inverted and the data is out of sync.
The question is a Calculated variable and the inverted data is out of sync.

If the problem question is a calculated variable open the QES (or QEW) in Analyse as a field task. Enter the SQL connection string and the Survey ID and click OK. From the top menu select Edit -> Recalculate all variables. Afterwards, in the menu select Tools -> Re-invert database. Finally, open Surveys in askiavista's Administration view and reload the survey by right-clicking it.

I sometimes get a -102 error

An -102 error generally refers to the AskiaVistaServer calculation engine not returning a response in a predetermined amount of time. For very large surveys or complicated calculations the default 15-second timeout may not be enough. You will need to increase the value of the timeout to accommodate these types of tables. Open the Administration view to Configuration. Select Servers Management and change the value in the Calculations Response Timeout input. Normally, this would be 15 seconds but higher values are encouraged if you are using complex calculations or variables. The value is in milliseconds (60000 = 60 seconds).

I get an error when I try to generate the survey structure.

If it is a big file, the survey may take few minutes to load, please wait few minutes and try to generate the structure again. If it doesn't work, follow the steps below.

  • Try and restart the askiavista Tasks Manager and try again.
  • If the problem persists open the survey in Analyse and see if you get a warning or an alert. If so contact
  • There may be a locked file in the askiavista survey folder. Open Windows explorer to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AskiaVista\SurveyResources\ and delete the folder that matches the survey name. Then try again.
  • Open Services Management in askiavista and stop the Tasks Manager service. In Windows, open explorer to C:\Askia\AskiaCtrl\ and start the AVTasksManager executable. Expand the survey management window and select your survey in the dropdown menu and try to generate the survey. If it completes successfully close the application and restart the service in askiavista.

I get a -1035 error

The survey hasn't finished loading yet. If it is a large file it might take an additional minute or so. If this is not the case, AskiaVistaServer might not have loaded it correctly.

  • Check the CPU usage of AskiaVistaServer in Services Management in Administration view. If the CPU usage is >0 or the memory is increasing the survey is still loading; wait an additional minute.
  • If AVS is inactive and the error is still occurring restart AskiaVistaServer. After all files have been loaded try to generate your table again.
  • If the error is still occurring, stop AskiaVistaServer. Open Windows Explorer on the server and go to C:\Askia\AskiaCtrl. Run the AskiaVistaServer executable. If there is a problem it will be recorded in the AVSError.txt file. Open this file to find the problem survey and relay this information to

When I try to open one of my portfolio items I get an error

Portfolio errors happen when askiavista is unable to save the portfolio correctly. In some cases manipulation of the databases may be necessary so contact In other cases if you get the Root element missing error then the Portfolio item is irretrievably damaged and will need to be deleted and recreated.

AskiaVistaManager service refuses to start

First, check that SQL Server is still running. If the SQL server has stopped or not responding then askiavista won't work. Now check the SQL connection string using AskiaVistaConfigurator located in C:\Askia\AskiaCtrl\. Check that the connection strings for the Main and Report database by clicking test. If the server is unreachable or the password incorrect contact the SQL administrator. If no error is reported check the permissions on folders C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AskiaVista\ and C:\Askia\AskiaCtrl\. They both should have the NetworkServices account listed as having Read, Write & Modify or Full Control.

This page is not allowed to execute the query

There are 2 main causes for this error message.

- The IIS_IUSR or the Windows user that is associated with the askiaVista application pools do not have enough rights to access the AskiaCtrl folder. It needs a full control on it.

- Or it is caused by a missing argument in your askia.config file. This system file requires you to authorise specific domain(s) or IP address(es) in order to run askiavista queries such as running the application, viewing a Portfolio Link, ...

All you need to do is add the domain / IP address on which you are trying to run askiavista queries and add it to the AllowedDomains node.

You should therefore end up with the below excerpt in your askia.config file:

<item id="AllowedDomains" v="" />

If ever you want to authorise multiple domains or IP addresses, just separate each domain / IP with ; as below:

<item id="AllowedDomains" v=";;http://localhost;" />

Note: any modification to the askia.config file requires you restart IIS for the modifications to be taken into account.

Vista5 - Sorry, an unknown error occured in this application

If you get this error in Vista5 login page and AskiaVistaServer is running then please check the following.

- The IIS_IUSR or the Windows user that is associated with the askiaVista application pools do not have enought rights to access the AskiaCtrl folder. It needs a full control on it.

- Make sure there are still hard disk space available.


Vista6 - I get the error "An unhandled exception has ocurred" when I try to export date to Excel

You will need to register, using the regsvr32 command as Administrator, xlsgen.dll.

For a default installation you can use: 

regsvr32 "C:\AskiaCtrl\xlsgen.dll"


Vista6 - I get the error "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client" when I try to run a table

This is a security warning that is triggered when adding HTML or Javascript code into the table cells.
Removing markups in Vista6 such as <br> in the template properties should solve it.


I get " Risk of duplicate name" when adding a new survey.

In Administration mode > menu Configuration > Recyle bin > delete the duplicated survey.




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