DOC : Modifying weighting settings

DOC : Modifying weighting settings

Summary This article describes how to modify the weighting settings in askiaanalyse.
Applies to askiaanalyse
Written for Data processor
Keywords weighting; weight; settings; analyse; askiaanalyse ; converge

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Weighting's algorithm upon which it is possible to define your weights' minimum and maximum values.


Minimum weight (*100). Any weight inferior to "MinWeight" will be adjusted accordingly. This value is independent from the desired database.


Maximum weight (*100). Any weight superior to "MaxWeight" will be adjusted accordingly, and a warning will be displayed at the execution of the table. "Weighting does not converge because of question '%q'".


This value is independent from the desired database.


This value defines the maximum number of iterations according to the number of questions in the weighting (if "IterationPerQuestion"=30 and 3 questions, only 90 iterations will be allowed).


Precision by which the algorithm will attempt to fix the weights :

  1. 1 : weak precision
  2. 25 : strong precision
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