Kodim installation parameters : URLs and IP addresses

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The Kodim installers use the name of the server that the applications are being installed on as part of the URL that specifies the location of the coding service that the coding client will connect to. This works perfectly when the client is running on the local network as the server name can be resolved to a local IP address by the local DNS. However, when using the client via the internet, a server name has no meaning; what is needed is either an IP address or a domain name that can be resolved.

Ideally, the host-header for the web-server should be configured so that a resolvable domain name is specified. See here for a guide.

The server name is used the initParams setting of the .aspx file (by default, "CodingClientTestPage.aspx") that hosts the coding client plugin. It specifies the server hosting the coding service that the coding client will connect to.

An example of such a modification would be:

from this:

<param name="initParams" value="ServiceURI=http://TestServer01/PostCodingService_v5_3_1_2/PostCodingService.svc,,InterviewChunkCnt=50,SaveBiteSize=50,ServiceTimeOut=180" />

to this:

<param name="initParams" value="ServiceURI=,,InterviewChunkCnt=50,SaveBiteSize=50,ServiceTimeOut=180" />
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