Predictive Dialing : best practices

Predictive Dialing : best practices

Summary This article describes the predictive dialing best practices.
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Keywords predictive; dialing; best practice

Document 1 
Download the predictive dialing in English 
Télécharger le guide de composition prédictive en Français

In this document, an explanation on all predictive dialling settings can be found, as well as a recommendation for each setting.

The document is divided into several parts:

  • We start off with a general introduction on predictive dialling: ‘What is predictive dialling?
  • This is followed by a detailed description of the 'user interface' and thorough 'Definitions' of the different parameters.
  • In the 'Best practice' chapter, we try to provide a couple of useful guidelines.
  • Finally, we included a 'FAQ' section at the end of this document.

Document 2 

Télécharger les examples de configurations prédictives

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