Quota peneo's explanation

Quota peneo's explanation

Summary This article describes how the contact selection works.
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CCA: Contact selection explained

This document has as goal to explain how the best contact is selected from the lists to best suit the requirements defined in the CCA.

Looking from the moon

The outbound group with the agents defines the lists and the survey involved. There are 2 mayor parts in selecting the best contact:
First there is looking for the best type of contact.
Secondly the best contact of this type from the lists.
Categorizing the contacts in the different types is done according to the quota definition. The label for each category or type is called the peneo.

The origin of peneo’s

From the quota definition, the CCA calculates a unique number for each possibility in the quota. This unique number is called the peneo.

For a simple quota definition example like gender (Male & Female), there are 3 possibilities: male, female and we have no clue. The latter occurs when there is no appropriate data available, either because there is no interview yet, or no answer for this particular question.

Here the formula:

peneo = resp_q1 + count_q1 * resp_q2 + count_q1 * count_q2 * resp_q3
- resp_q = index response + 1 (for DK/NA)
- count_q = count responses (including linked) + 1 (for DK/NA)
order questions: as encountered in tree (from top to bottom)


This peneo value is written to the list database for each contact and is updated when quota definition changes or when new data is available from filling in the interview or from the dynamic data coming from the list's (external) source database. Depending on quota definitions the peneo possibilities can be extremely high.

Fishing the best possible peneo from the pool

Not all possible peneo’s are swimming in the pool of the lists involved from the outbound group. Since not all peneo’s are available, we need to the best match from all available peneo’s to meet the quota definition. The best match is of course depending on the already received interviews and the exact quota tree. The best possible match is found through Khi2 tests on the current distribution compared to the acquired distribution defined by the quota.

Tuning the fishing method

Through the priorities in the quota definition you can define if some quota line should be reached faster, slower or not at all. The blocked priority means a quota line will never be used. The ignored priority will still try to get to the desired distribution but will allow going over the desired target. The behavior will only defines the client-side behavior when an undesired quota occurs. The automatic behavior will not allow extra data to be filled in once over target. Semi-automatic behavior lets the agent decide what to do in case of undesired data. Manual behavior lets the action up to the design routings.

Fish slapping dance

Once the best possible peneo is found, the next stage of contact selection can start. This is getting the best contact from this peneo category. The best contact from the lists is the contact with the highest priority for this peneo. The contact priority depends on position in the list, callbacks, appointments made, appointment importance and list priority. Once we have caught this best contact for the best possible peneo, we can start the fish slapping dance and start all over for the next best contact.

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