FAQ managing kodim tasks

FAQ managing kodim tasks

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Open answers that you know haven't been coded still aren't made available for coding

If the coded question answers are set to "Don't know" - i.e. have a value of "-1" then the CCA will not return them. Setting an answer to "Don't know" is effectively coding it. Typically, a coded question will not be visible during data-entry and this will not happen. However, if the coded question has been populated, say via routings, then this may occur. The solution

Special response values:

  • -2 - not asked
  • -1 - don't know

Deleted Agent

When an agent has been deleted from the CCA it is no longer available to the Coding application. This has the side-effect of preventing the Coding application from requesting the coding history of any deleted agents. Modifying the CCA so that deleted agents are kept available would have such side-effects that the required changes will not happen immediately. The affect on the Coding of deleting an agent should be noted.

Lost Coding

You've coded your open answers and saved your work without any errors. Later on when you use askiaanalyse to view the coding the base is lower than expected and you can't see your work. One possible cause is that the responses you coded to have been deleted; after deletion, any coding to the response is not counted in analysis.

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