Delete a position but nothing happens

Delete a position but nothing happens

Summary This article describes what to do if nothing happens when deleting a position in askiaweb.
Applies to askiaweb
Written for Fieldwork manager
Keywords position; delete

You have tried to Delete a survey position and all its files by clicking on , but after specifying the password and confirming deletion, nothing has happened and your position remains as it was.

To resolve this problem:

  • Make sure that you typed in the Global Administrator password correctly.
  • Contact your company's askiaweb Administrator to make sure you are using the correct password. It might have changed since the last time you used it.
    Note: The Global Administrator password is not your login password, but a global password specified by the askiaweb Administrator. You might not have been granted the privileges to perform this operation – contact your askiaweb Administrator to enquire. If you are the askiaweb Administrator, you can easily view and/or change the global password.
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