Install askiasuite

Install askiasuite

Table of contents:

Minimum requirements

Hardware and Software

OS Microsoft Windows 7 - SP1
Processor OS requirement
RAM OS requirement
HD 100 MB of available disk space

You should have the read/write/modify permissions on the Askia installation path (usually C:\Program Files\Askia or C:\Program Files (x86)\Askia)


  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024*768.
  • Microsoft Office (2007 or higher) including MsAccess.
  • Before the installation, contact your IT department or the person in charge of the data collection. It is advised that you use a version of AskiaSuite that matches the version of the data-collection platform. Only the first three digit of the version number are relevant (ie. If the data collection is at version, use AskiaField latest 5.3.5 installer)

Run the Install

Download the latest version setup file from here
Download the latest askiaword version setup file from here (minimum MS Word 2007)

The askiasuite setup file includes askiadesign, askiaanalysis, askiatools, askiaentry, askialister, askiatranslator, askiaword and askiasurf.

Login to your PC with an Administrator account

Check that the setup is unblocked

Right click on the setup file then click on "Properties".

If there is a clickable button named "unblock" make sure to click on it, before validating with "OK".

Start the installation using setup.exe

Select your language

Click Next

Select "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next

Choose the setup type that best suits your needs and click Next

The setup is now ready, to proceed just click Install

The installation proceeds

Once completed, you can click Finish

Note: The Setup will automatically check, & install when necessary, Microsoft's latest runtime components for C++ applications: VCRedist.exe

Start askiadesign or askiaanalyse and contact your local Askia office to activate your license.

If you also got license for askiasurf, start askia surf and contact your local Askia office to activate your license.

Older Setup files and Version History

  • To access older Setup files, click here
  • To access the askiadesign Version History, click here
  • To access the askiaword Version History, click here
  • To access the askiaanalyse Version History, click here
  • To access the askiatools Version History, click here
  • To access the askiasurf Version History, click here
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