How to use captured media into an AskiaFace interview

How to use captured media into an AskiaFace interview


With Askiaface for tablets, you have the ability to take pictures into your interviews. In this article, we will explain how to display the picture into your interview. Please note that will work only with Amazon S3 storage type. 

How it works:


1/ create your media-capture question for amazon S3 (see this article:


2/ Add a routing to set value from your media-capture question to another hidden open ended question:



The routing to use is the following:

dim full = photo.value
dim short = full.split(" ")[3]
return short

This routing is needed in order to remove unecessary characters into the media-capture path.

Original link:

lurl:Path = "/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/F2F6C1B1-B155-4AED-9665-839CEC0A0AE6/Documents/demo/258/media2_4E9D88E1-9177-4F45-AC9B-150AB911533D.jpg" Pos = "2" Pwd = "[Amazon S3 password]" Type = "1" User = "[Amazon S3 Login]"

Short link:



3/ Then, you can use the shotcut of this short link question on any screen in order to display the picture taken earlier:



 Known limitation: on iOS, there is no refresh of the picture displayed if you go back and take another picture.








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