Statistics on mails

Statistics on mails

Summary Description of each category located in the "Statistics on mails" tab
Applies to Askia Supervisor
Written for Survey Managers
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Below is a layout and brief description of all of the categories located within the "Statistics on mails" tab:


  • Sending successful
    • Not yet read (the invitation email hasn't been opened)
    • Not yet responded (the invitation email has been opened but the survey link has not been clicked)
    • Responded (the invitation email has been opened and the survey link has been clicked)
      • Not yet finished (started the survey but has not finished)
      • Completed (respondents finished the survey)
      • Out of quota (respondents quota'd out of the survey)
      • Survey offline (respondents clicked the survey link while the survey was set offline in WebProd)
      • Finished without saving ("go to and mark as incomplete" routing logic was used)
      • Screen-out (respondents screened-out of survey
  • Sending failed
    • Bad address (email address field in the sample list had an unauthorized character (i.e. comma, semicolon, etc.))
    • No connection (CCA lost connection with the SMTP server (this error can happen when a batch of emails to send is stored in memory when CCA loses connecting with the SMTP server))
    • Failed dynamic filter (when an emailing filter you've added cannot be executed (missing field, wrong type, bad query, etc.))
    • External number not found (when one or more contacts from an external database (present during the creation of the sample list) are no longer part of the external database (mismatch between external database and current sample list) - happens when setting some fields as dynamic and/or exportation)
    • Bounced (invitation email never got to the intended recipient (non-existent email address, undeliverable email, mailbox full, blocked, etc.))



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