New Routing type: Run an Askia Script

Summary This article describes the new methods that can be used in conjunction with the Run an Askia Script action.
Applies to Design Version 5.4.2 Onwards
Written for Survey Programmers
Keywords design; askiascript; method

This new routing type allows you to perform various actions in one routing with the use of new Methods.

The new methods available are:

SetValue(arg) – This method works like the “Set Value” action. You can call it by referring to the question you want to set a value into and passing the desired value as a parameter to the method. For example:

If Q1 is a numeric question and you want to set the value of it to 99 you can do the following:


If Q1 is a closed multiple question and you want to select codes 1,3 and 5 you can do the following:


Skip() – This method works like the “Do not ask” action where you can call this method on a question or chapter. For example:

If age < 18 then

SkipAndKeepData() – This method works like the “Make question invisible” action. You can ‘chain’ this method with another method i.e. Setvalue() in order to set a value into a question and hide it. For example:

If brands has {1;2} Then


ChangeSubQuestionsOrder(arg) – Using this method you can change the order of sub-questions to any given order. For example:

Dim randomOrder = {1;2;3}.Shuffle()
Chapter1.ChangeSubQuestionsOrder( randomOrder )


GoTo(arg) – This method works like the GoTo action. You can pass the name of the question to be routed to into this method. For example:

If Q1 Has {99} Then


SetLanguage(arg) – You can use this method to change the language of the interview. For example:

If Country Has {2} Then


SetScenario(arg) – This method can be used to set the version of the Interview. For Example:



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